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We had to put Sammy down the morning of April 1, 2008 due a tumor that had agressively returned. Sammy was truly a family dog and loved us all, but she will always be Danny's "gift from God." Ten years prior, she followed us home from a walk one day while he was on chemo, and she sat at that window by the front door like she was sent here on a mission. You know the rest of the story. There were months at a time that Dan did not attend school and Sammy was his constant companion (or target of good natured "abuse"). Danny said once that dogs were more loving than people because they loved unconditionally. We know Sammy did.

Here is a small collection of 22 pictures spanning the time we had her and below are videos from Thanksgiving weekend 2007.

"She good girly" is Dan's derivation of the "good girl" praise often given to pets. Dan elevated this to a rallying cry, a taunt, and a whole baffling mode of communication with Sam.


Sammy in Her Element
(for Maddi to see Sammy at home)


Sammy Outside


Playing With Sammy


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