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On March 20th, following the private gravesite service at Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery, a wonderful public memorial service was held at Laurelglen Bible Church in Bakersfield, with Pastor Roger Poppen officiating. Jon expressed thanks to a long list of important people and offered his tribute to �Sir Dan.� Tributes were also offered by Danny�s Aunt Diane, for herself and for Danny�s dad, Michael, and several kids from Danny�s high school spoke about him, as well. The most poignant part of the service was a video that included over 100 pictures of Danny and his family, accompanied by a series of moving contemporary Christian songs. Our friends, Claudia True and Emily Falke set up an awesome display of mementoes from Danny�s life in the foyer of the church. About 600 people attended. It was a profoundly bittersweet experience.

The pictures that were in the video are in the website section called �The Journey.� The following documents are in this section: the obituary; the service program; the expression of thanks and the comments delivered by Jon. While these sentiments are nice, they don�t come close to capturing what we all thought and felt that day, and since.

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